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Genium has extracted modules from our popular full-year eCommEd Curriculum Package and converted them into a complete line of affordable Classroom eProjects. Each eProject package includes everything a teacher needs to complete engaging classroom projects on the Internet. Each package costs just $199 and includes access to a template-based, wizard-driven Web site you and your class control for four full weeks.

On-Demand Do-it-Yourself Web Sites
Up until now, school districts had to depend on html programmers to get information up on a Web site. Not any more! makes it possible for teachers and students with little computer experience and no knowledge of html to develop and maintain great-looking Web sites, right from their classrooms.

Packages are currently available that will permit high school, middle school, and elementary school classrooms to conduct the following eProjects on the Web:

  • Conduct an on-line exhibition of student academic or creative skill(see demo site)
  • Raise money with an on-line auction (see demo site)
  • Promote a school play, concert, or dance on-line (see demo site)
  • Run an on-line election for students in your school (see demo site)
  • Create a Web site for a school sports team like the pros and colleges do (see demo site)
  • Publish your school newspaper on-line
  • Open an on-line version of your school store

Everything You Could Possibly Need is Included
In addition to the Web site, each eProject package includes:

  • A step-by-step guide for completing the on-line project (see sample)
  • A lesson plan to help you introduce the project to your class ( see sample)
  • Forms and templates to help students do tasks they've never done before (see sample)

eProjects Link Parents and the Community to Achievements in Your Classroom
When your class uses an eProject package to complete an on-line class project, you make it possible for your entire community to observe learning in action. Your students will love the fact that their hard work and creativity will be displayed on-line for their parents, friends, and family to see and they'll work harder because of this.

Fill out this Contact form and we will e-mail you complete order information:

Competition/Exhibition eProject Package: $199
You can use this package to create web sites for student exhibits or competitions involving, for example: creative writing, business plans, science fair, artwork, photographs, etc.

On-Line Auction eProject Package: $199

On-Line Election eProject Package: $199
This package can be used to actually hold on-line campaigns and elections of school officers or to run mock federal, state, and local elections for the syudents in your school.

Sports Team Web Site Package: $199

On-line School Newspaper Package: $199 (being released March 1, 2005)

On-Line School Store Package: $199 (being released March 1, 2005)

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