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Mack Garvey
Mack Garvey

He Always Loved Big Cars

Mack Garvey remembers his first car. It was a 1960 Lincoln Touring Sedan. "It had the biggest back seat I had ever seen." explained Garvey, "I could fit seven of my friends in that car and I'd pick them up every morning and drive them to school."


Get Your "Driving" License From Richard's

The owner of Richard's Sporting Goods, Yourtown Center Mall outlet, has most generously donated the king of all drivers, Big Bertha, to our auction. Make sure to check our their wide selection of exercise and training gear next time you're at the mall -- and they now sell clothing, too!


Guitar Lessons From Jones Brass

Jones Brass has donated six gift certificates good for one free guitar lesson. Thank you!

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