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Boosters Help Band Look & Sound Better

Ten years ago, Liza Noonan was parked alongside the Yourtown High School athletic fields waiting for her daughter June's Marching Band practice to end. She was listening to Band Director, Sheila Smith, attempt to scream instructions to the 100 or so kids spread out in a practice formation. Liza thought Mrs. Smith really needed a bullhorn so after pactice ended, she suggested it to the Band Director. When Mrs. Smith told Mrs. Noonan that there was no money to purchase one, Liza offered to raise the amount needed.

That same evening, Liza called a half dozen parents of other band members and told them about the bullhorn idea. They agreed to meet the next evening in the band room. This was the beginning if the Yourtown High School's Marching Band Booster Club.

Ten years later the organization has 150 members and an annual budget of over $20,000. During the past ten years, the Boosters have spent over $150,000 to help the Marching Band purchase everything from new uniforms and new instruments to helping subsidize the cost of sending the band to the NYC Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

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