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Welcome to Yourtown High School's Online Auction

Welcome to our Online Auction! This site is managed and maintained by the students in the fourth period Yourtown High School Marketing Class, being taught by Jane Carter. We are being taught concepts for doing business on the Internet and are given the opportunity to apply those concepts at this live website. So, by placing bids on items being auctioned at this site, you're helping Yourtown High School's students learn how to do business on the Internet.

Every Bid is a Winner!
Every Bid is a Winner!

Your Bids Help Our Community

Making a bid on an item at this site makes good things happen in Yourtown! Here's why:

The proceeds raised from the auctions conducted at this Website are going to some very worthy causes in the Yourtown community. So by placing bids on items being auctioned at this site, you're also helping these worthy causes generate the revenues they need to do the good things they do. To find out more about each cause, visit our Auction Sponsors page.


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