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Will it be Bush?
Will it be Bush?

What this Website is all About

Welcome to the Votesburgh High School 2004 Election Central Web site. This site will promote and host a mock presidential election to find out which candidate the students of our high school prefer in this year's presidential election.

As students of Votesburgh High School, most of us may be too young to vote in this year's election but that doesn't mean we are too young to care about it. During the next four weeks, the Votesburgh High School community will be able to use this site to learn more about the presidential candidates. We will show you what your fellow students think about the candidates, and we will permit you to express your own opinions as to which individual would make the best leader for our country during the next four years.

Most importantly, this site gives you a highly visible way to participate in the live election process. With your help, we can show our parents and the entire Votesburgh community just how much we understand and care about this important national decision.

Votesburgh Students
Votesburgh Students

Who is Responsible for this Website

This site is being operated by the students in Miss. Joan London's Marketing class and the students in Mr. Jack Rossi's Current Events class. The Marketing students are getting the opportunity to learn how fundamental e-commerce concepts can be applied to a live Web site while the Current Events students are getting an opportunity to participate in a live election process.

Will it be Kerry?
Will it be Kerry?

How Votesburgh Students & Staff Can Participate

Votesburgh High School will hold our own Presidential Election on Monday November 1, 2004. On that date, all students and staff of our high school who have registered to vote at this Web site will be eligible to vote in our school's mock election.

Between now and Election Day, you will be able to use this site to learn more about each candidate and their platforms. You will be able to voice your own election observations, opinions, and endorsements on the site?s Posting Board page and read the posts of others. You'll be able to check the latest student polling results. In the Upcoming Events window on this page you?ll find a complete schedule of Election related events in which you can participate.

So welcome aboard and don?t forget to Register to Vote before you leave this site, today.

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