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Murder at the Amsterdam Library

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The Book Amsterdam is Raving About

Everybody who lives in or around Amsterdam, NY and lots of former residents of that city are raving about the hot new best-seller, 30 Minutes West of Albany. Here’s the story behind how this great new read got published.


This Week's Featured Story

Murder at the Amsterdam Library The two stories of the Amsterdam Free Library’s elegant brownstone edifice sit regally on the city’s busiest corner at Church Street and Route 5. Above the building’s handsome double oak door entrance, an ornate plaster scroll invitingly proclaims “Open to all.” I loved coming to this place. It was my escape from reality. But that Thursday morning, when I was the one who found the dead body of Mrs. Christine Gagne lying in the aisle of the American History section I knew my favorite place would never be the same again.

Gianna Romano
Gianna Romano

This Week's Featured Author

Gianna Romano - Author of Murder at the Amsterdam Library A Sophomore at Amsterdam High School, Gianna is a student in John Rodgers’ English Literature class. She has been reading one book a week since she was six years old when her Mom offered to give her a dollar every week if she could keep the streak going, Gianna's book-reading streak is now at 572 weeks. In this week’s featured author interview, Gianna explains how she got the idea for Murder at the Amsterdam Library.

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