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Lanzi's Pizzeria

Lanzi's Pizzeria is a family owned take out restaurant established in 1973. Our hot steam table offers selections changing daily including complete lunches & dinners buffet style. We are the best in the area. We feature pizza, subs, strombolis, calzones, fresh baked breads, stuffed breads & complete lunches & dinners to go, catering & much, much more!

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Ben's Carpet & Tile

We are a family owned business. We operate with a low overhead so that we can give you the very best prices on your new flooring needs. We try to get the best deals possible for our in stock warehouse deals. We have a large selection of in stock carpets, vinyls, padding, ceramic tile, and supplies. We also have one of the largest showrooms to give you plenty to choose from.

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Joe's Hot Dogs

Little did Joe Blumber know back in 1919, when he was starting his Hot Dog Stand, that it would be the beginning of a legend. For generations, his "splits" have been called, "the best Hot Dogs in the world."

When Joe opened his business, he decided to sell Hot Dogs along with his own pressed apple cider. He wanted to serve a Hot Dog different in taste and quality, so he contacted a local meat company. The result was a recipe for a specially blended Hot Dog that would not shrink, curl or burn when cooked in an entirely new way. Blumber’s innovation was to split the Hot Dog down the middle, grill it in a "secret sauce," and serve it on a toasted bun with his own home-made Mustard. To this day, the Hot Dogs (which originally came in links in wooden barrels) and his own Mustard are still prepared according to his unique recipes, protected under trade secret agreements.

The Stand, a free-standing copper roofed Chinese pagoda, was declared an historical landmark by the Tri-Centennial Committee of Westchester County in 1983, typifying a 1920's road-side stand. Will Anderson, 1991 editor of Mid-Atlantic Road-Side Delights featured Blumbers's under "Present Day Delights" as "Birch Tree County's best-known contribution to road-side architecture," replete with a pictorial history and review.

In 1999, a documentary was aired in Tokyo, Japan, presenting Blumber's in Mamaroneck as a famous eatery not to be missed on any visit to New York. " The New York Times," "The New York Daily News," "The New York Post," and "The Washington Post" have all hailed Blumber's as a culinary landmark to which even the President should journey, should he move to New York. Their maps of New York place a Hot Dog over Mamaroneck. If Blumber only knew!

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Want to be a Sponsor for the Leafs?

The Leafs are always looking for more businesses and organizations to sponsor our website. Sponsoring the website helps your promote your business and your local High School sports teams.

For more information email GeorgeM@BirchTreeHighschool.com, or call 555-2356 during the day 8-5 and ask for George MacLouse

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