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Head Coach Rich Malone

Rich Malone who just turned 56 years old at the beginning of the school year has been head Coach of the Leafs for the past 21 years. Malones lifetime coaching record of 378 wins and 226 losses is very respectable. During his time at Birch Tree Coach Malone has lead the Leaf’s to 1 state championship and 4 division titles. Over the years Coach Malone has been a role model and father figure to many players. He always stresses defense and team work. He has been known to bench players for long periods of time that don’t fit his defensive requirements.

This will be his last year coaching the Leafs. He plans to retire to sunny Florida next year with his beloved wife Nancy.


Assistant Coach Mike Johnson

Coach Johnson has been with the Leafs for the past 10 years. Ever since Johnson joined the staff the Leafs have been known to have one of the best archive of videos on opposing players. Coach Johnson personally tapes as many opposing teams games as possible that don’t come into time conflict with Leafs games. Johnsons love for videos comes from his day job at Birch Tree were he is the schools Cinematography teacher.

Johnson has already been told that he will be the next Head Coach after Coach Malone retires this season.


Mascot Kenny the Leaf

Kenny the Leaf has been Birch Tree’s mascot since the school opened. In 1987 Rob Vanburg a local costume store owner who attended Birch Tree in his youth donated a homemade Professional Leafs costume to the school for sporting events. Currently the costume is filled by Junior Brian Moon. Brian took over the role of Kenny the Leaf when he was a sophomore. He’s been known to drive the home game crowd into a frenzy. Brian sometimes teams up with Birch Tree’s Cheerleading Squad to do choreographed moves during half time.

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