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Marco Landi wins Business Student of the Year

Marco Landi has been has received the 2015 Business Education Student Award given to him at the 22nd Annual Outstanding Business Education Student Awards Dinner. The dinner was held at the Holiday in Albany with over 20 Capitol District schools in attendance. This annual award goes to a student that demonstrates high academic achievement while exhibiting a depth of business knowledge through work experience and in various business classes. Marco has excelled at these while taking Business Law and Sports Marketing. He also has shown a willingness to take leadership responsibilities for team projects and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills. …

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C-A Rallies Behind 4th Grader

COXSACKIE — If you think caring for a young child is a challenge — and there’s no disputing that — just imagine having to give them upwards of 25 pills every day, clearing their lungs of accumulated mucus, traveling to two-hour doctor appointments regularly, and monitoring their weight like a hawk.
And that doesn’t count the other challenges that crop up — like nasal polyps that require surgical removal, asthma, and living with the specter of possible diabetes down the road.
For Jennifer DeRose and her son Garret, who was born with CF, or cystic fibrosis, it’s all part for the course.
Garret, …


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Fact of the day

The first day of summer is called the summer solstice. The term solstice is Latin for sun stand still. The sun is higher in the sky throughout the day, and its rays beam on the Earth at a more direct angle, causing the hotter temperatures we associate with summer. While we try to beat the heat in the northern hemisphere, it's winter in the southern hemisphere. It's also the longest day of sunlight for places in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day for cities south of the equator.
You'll hear the term "The Dog Days of summer" very often, but the real "dog days" refers to the weeks between July 3 and August 11. They are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the constellation of Canis Major.
Here's a fun experiment to try if you want to find out what the temperature is and don't have a thermometer. The frequency of a cricket's chirps fluctuates with the temperature, so if you count a cricket's chirps for 15 seconds and add 37, you will have the approximate outdoor temperature (in Fahrenheit).
France's Eiffel Tower grows by more than six inches in summer due to the expansion of the iron on hot days.
The higher summer temperatures make July the most popular month for ice cream. In July, Americans celebrate National Ice Cream Month. U.S. citizens consume about 5.5 gallons per year (on average.)

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C-A News 5/27/15

Attention all senior boys that played Varsity Soccer or Varsity Baseball this year: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Coach Wilkinson will be offering a $250 scholarship for college next year to all seniors that played under him this past year and this announcement has been running for week, wouldn't you enjoy FREE MONEY FOR COLLEGE? There will be one scholarship offered to a soccer senior and one scholarship offered to a baseball senior. If you're interested in this scholarship please see Coach Wilkinson ASAP for details. The deadline for the scholarship will be May 29th.

There will be a Robotics Competition …


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