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C-A Competes in PAL 5k

COXSACKIE — The Coxsackie Police Athletic League held a 5K on Saturday in Coxsackie, and Ben Fasciano, 15, was the first finisher to cross the line, posting a time of 18 minutes, 32 seconds, according to a release from Kathleen Balthazar. Tess Fitzmaurice, 11, was the first female runner to finish the race with a time of 20:30
Male results: (under 10) 1. Roe Coleman, 35:51; 2. Robert Rebusmen, 43:25; (age 10-14) 1. Kareel Slager, 20:20; 2. Ethan Hanse, 24:19; (15-19) 1. Jonnie Baxter, 22:04; 2. John Donahue, 29:15; (20-24) 1. Ryan Romagnano, 19:54; 2. Justin Szepessy, 22:27; (25-29) 1. Zury Oates, 19:16; 2. Luis Jiminez, 19:54; (30-34) 1. Ryan Williams, 23:46; 2. Matt Zoller, 23:54; (35-39) 1. Rocco Pietrafesa, 24:00; 2. David Taylor, 25:47; (40-44) 1. Jay McGrath, 21:19; 2. Stephen Hanse, 26:54; (45-49) 1. Ken Scarlata, 28:26; 2. Dennis Kiefer, 44:00; (50-54) 1. Gary Longhi, 19:21; 2. Mike Veeder, 20:31; (65-69) 1. Bob Ricketson, 37:22.
Female results: (under 10) 1. Sylvia Johnston, 34:04; (10-14) 1. Olivia Bradt, 24:40; 2. Tiffany Gao, 26:54; (15-19) 1. Tara Josberger, 21:12; 2. Nicole Kingsley, 24:01; (30-34) 1. Heather Metz, 23:52; 2. Amanda Schettini, 24:41; (35-39) 1. Carrie Taylor, 24:31; 2. Christie Roe, 24:57; (40-44) 1. Liz Finn, 27:30; 2. Debbie Jong, 32:18; (45-49) 1. Kathleen Henderson, 31:17; 2. Rose Littlejohn, 33:48; (50-54) 1. Eileen West, 29:14; (55-59) 1. Judy Zoller, 43:59; (65-69) 1. Pat Gessner, 44:43; (70 and over) 1. Kathleen Balthazar, 46.18.
— Brian Radewitz

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Another Win for C-A Girls

Coxsackie-Athens 2, Catskill 1

COXSACKIE — Lizzy Morehouse took a pass from Karlee Deaver and found the back of the net with less than nine minutes left in regulation to lift Coxsackie-Athens to 2-1 Patroon Conference varsity girls soccer victory at C-A on Wednesday.

“Overall, we played well. We are having some struggles finding the back of the net but we aren’t getting frustrated and are finding ways to win,” Lady Indians coach Jacki Cashin said of her team, which improved to 6-0 overall. “Every one of these games is a big game.”

Morehouse tallied the C-A’s first goal off of an assist …


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C-A Building Winning Attitude


Packing up the shoulder pads and helmets in late October has been an annual occurrence with the Coxsackie-Athens varsity football team. The 2014 Indians are looking to alter that reality.

Coxsackie-Athens has made only three Section II playoff appearance since the postseason format began in 1978. The Indians do not have a postseason victory.

An attention-grabbing win over Chatham in Week 1, however, has this season's squad thinking big under the tutelage of third-year coach JP Hulslander.

The Indians (2-0, 2-0) look to continue their winning ways Saturday when they take on Cairo-Durham (0-2, 0-1) in Class C South Division play.

Coxsackie-Athens has managed …


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Varsity Volleyball Defeats Catskill Cats!

The Varsity Girls Volleyball team shocked Catskill Tuesday night by defeating them 3 games to 1. Stellar service was delivered by Nicole Marino, Caroline Hanna and Amy Balint (who also dealt 4 aces). Communication and control were key with Ashley Millett, Deb Greco, Julia Reeves, Molly Oliviera and Sage Pahl fighting for every point. A great match by all. You ladies are awesome!! …

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leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others

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