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Jenna in action
Jenna in action

Jenna Lawrence's Dad Took Her on a Mystery Ride

Here’s a ScoresUp/Panther interview with sophomore Girl’s Varsity Soccer Goalie Jenna Lawrence:

ScoresUp: Jenna, what made you start playing soccer and how old were you when you first did?

Jenna: My Dad signed me up for the Anytown Bantam League when I was six and I didn’t even know he did until he was driving me to my first practice. He told me I was going to play on a soccer team in the car on my way to the first practice.

ScoresUp: Wow! Talk about surprises. Did you ever find out why he snuck it up on you like that?

Jenna: I was real bad six year old although my parents called me energetic instead of bad. My Dad wanted me to use some of that energy outside the house and away from my little brother and sister and he thought running around a soccer field would do that.

ScoresUp: But you play goalie. Goalie’s don’t do much running.

Jenna: Well back then I played halfback so I was running all the time and soccer goalies do a lot of running and jumping, maybe not always during a game but I spend an hour a day on my conditioning drills.

ScoresUp: So when did you become a goalie and why?

Jenna: When I was 11 years old in juniors, my team’s regular goalie hurt her knee in a game and my coach asked the team who wanted to fill in for her. I raised my hand and he put me in the goal. I did pretty good there and when our regular goalie didn’t come back from her injury, I played the position for the rest of that season and ever since.

ScoresUp: What’s the toughest thing about playing the position?

Jenna: It can get boring in games when the other team doesn’t have a good offense.

ScoresUp: What’s the thing you like most about being a goalie?

Jenna: I like the pressure of being the last person between the opposing player and a goal.

ScoresUp: Lady Ga Ga or Beyonce?

Jenna: Definitely Beyonce.

ScoresUp: What’s your favorite dinner?

Jenna: My Mom’s tacos.

ScoresUp: Favorite subject in school?

Jenna: I like science a lot.

ScoresUp: If someone is thinking about trying out for the girls’ soccer team what is your advice?

Jenna: Do it! We have a lot of fun. I’ve made friends with girls I would never have even hung around with if I didn’t play soccer.

ScoresUp: Thanks Jenna and good luck with the rest of the season.

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