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This page of the site will attempt to provide visitors with information about Anytown High Schools 24 interscholastic sports teams that you can't find easily from any other source. You can help us keep this page up-to-date by using this score report form to report scores of Anytown games or matches you've just competed in or attended.

Anytown JV Girls Soccer
Anytown JV Girls Soccer

The Latest Panther Sports Updates

We’d like to thank the Anytown site visitors who made use of our site’s Score Report Form to provide the scores shown below. We'd also like to thank Anytown Soccer Mom Gloria Cardinale for making this video of the Oct. 9 JV Game against Gainesville, available.

October 9 - JV Girls Soccer (Home): Anytown-1 Gainesville-1

October 9 – Varsity Boys Cross Country (Away): Anytown-15 Smithtown-48

October 10 – JV Girls Cross Country (Home): Anytown-28 Leesburg-23

October 10 – Varsity Girls Volleyball (Away): Anytown-3 Smithtown-1

October 10 – JV Girls Field Hockey (Home): Anytown-1 Smithtown-9

Jenna in action
Jenna in action

Jenna Lawrence's Dad Took Her on a Mystery Ride

Here’s a ScoresUp/Panther interview with sophomore Girl’s Varsity Soccer Goalie Jenna Lawrence:

ScoresUp: Jenna, what made you start playing soccer and how old were you when you first did?

Jenna: My Dad signed me up for the Anytown Bantam League when I was six and I didn’t even know he did until he was driving me to my first practice. He told me I was going to play on a soccer team in the car on my way to the first practice.

ScoresUp: Wow! Talk about surprises. Did you ever find out why he snuck it up on you like that?

Jenna: I was …


Two Panther QBs
Two Panther QBs

A Panther Blast from the Past

John Louis is the grandfather of Jeff Louis, the starting quarterback on this year’s Panther Varsity Football team. Like his grandson, Mr. Louis was also the Panther’s starting quarterback, back in 1960. So we asked the grandson to interview his grandfather about what it was like to play the same position on the same team, fifty years earlier.

Grandson: Grandpa, you started at quarterback during your senior year. How many passes did you complete in that season and how many did you attempt?

Grandpa: First of all, the coach back then, Joe Los, liked to run the ball so we didn’t have …


Arthurs Focuses
Arthurs Focuses

Can Panthers Stop Tannersville Running Game

In what will be their toughest game of the year, the Anytown Varsity football team takes on Patriot League leader, Tannersville High School, in the Panther's season finale at Memorial on the evening of October 30. Anytown Head Coach Lou Carter, in his eighth season at the helm, wishes the schedule makers were a bit kinder to his team.

"Tannersville is loaded with big, experienced, bruising runners who just pound the ball at you all game long. Cautioned Carter, "We got a couple of lineman nursing sore knees and if our defense is not at full strength they could do a …


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