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On this page of our site, you'll learn how real students of Anytown High School make major financial and career decisions in their own lives. Each time you visit this page, the true stories these students have to tell will help you more effectively manage your money for the rest of your life.

Will Joe's car be here?
Will Joe's car be here?

Joe Carter's Car - Creating a Financial Plan

Joe Carter is a sophomore at Anytown High School. He has a goal of owning his own car by the time he begins his senior year at Anytown. In order to achieve this goal, Joe knows he needs to create a realistic financial plan which is just another way of saying he has to carefully figure out how he will be sure to have the amount of money he will need to be able to own, operate, and maintain his own car by September of 2011.

Beginning next week on this page of the Web site, Joe will chronicle the process …


Meet Stacey & Lynn
Meet Stacey & Lynn

The Future of Stacey & Lynn - Career Choices

Stacey Ford and Lynn Mandars are Juniors at Anytown High School. This means they both need to start seriously thinking about what they want to do after they graduate from Anytown. Right now, Stacey intends to go to college while Lynn is considering entering military service or the workforce upon graduation.

During the next few weeks these two young ladies will use this space of the Web site to share their answers to some key questions every Anytown student will some day need to answer for themselves. In their first installment, next week, Lynn describes the skills every employer looks for …


Where does it all go?
Where does it all go?

Lenny Johnson is Sick of Being Broke

Lenny Johnson is a Junior at Anytown High School who is sick and tired of always being broke. As luck would have it, Lenny is enrolled in Ms. Pangburn's Management class this semester and one of the unit's he will be studying is Budgeting. Ms. Pangburn has convinced Lenny that the first thing he needs to do to stop his empty pockets syndrome is to figure out how he now spends all his money. Once he knows where his money is going, Ms. Pangburn told Lenny he'd be much better prepared to figure out a way to get a bigger …

Making money with money
Making money with money

We Gave Tim and Cindi Each $1,000

One of the most important lessons anyone can learn in life is how to put their money to work. There are generally two ways to do this. One is savings and the other is investment.

This section of our Web site will feature the results of a contest between Anytown Juniors Tim Stanton and Cindi Bellen. We've given each of them a fictional bankroll of $1,000. They can save or invest their bankrolls any way they'd like. During the next few weeks, Tim and Cindi will explain how and why they invested their money and will monitor the performance of those …


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